About Grace Hill Farms

About us

In 2020, amid all of the world events we decided we wanted to go back to our roots and leave the city and go back to the rural life. We are Gary and Ruby Kyle and we live in Colorado. Gary was born and raised in Colorado and I moved to Colorado after high school and have spent my entire adult life here. We both had lived on farms and ranches for many years. For several years, due to jobs, we lived in the city. In 2021, we could see the world was changing and we made a decision to sell our home in the city and head back to the country life. 

In our sixties, it is just the two of us running our small farm. We do all of the work on top of holding full time jobs that are necessary to pay the bills until we can become self sustainable and make a go of our farm and then completely leave the corporate world behind us. We hope to retire before 80. We thought about naming the farm “Aching Back” farm but then thought we live on a hill and by the grace of God we have all the blessings we have. So, we decided to name our place Grace Hill Farm. 

We have between us, 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. We also have our two rottweilers Keno and Baya and our livestock guardian dog, Gunner. All of our animals are raised on pastures and never in feedlot pens. Currently we raise pasture fed cattle, chickens, and turkeys. We also raise registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and Idaho Pasture Pigs. We raise all of our animals without antibiotics or growth hormones and supplement feeds that are non-gmo. 

We are looking forward to our next adventure and providing healthy products to our customers.