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Our beef is 100% grass fed and finished. We are a calving to finish small farm. We don't buy our beef at an action house, so we know the cattle have not had any growth hormone implants or vaccinations. It takes about 2 years to raise our beef cattle to finish. You are purchasing the beef from us and then we take it to the USDA processor where you let the processor know what cuts you want from your beef share. We use a new clean USDA processor who opened in 2023. All meat is vacuumed packaged.

How this works

Once you decide what size share you would like, you can put a deposit down. You can do that here through the shopping cart or you can contact us for alternative payments such as Venmo, check or cash. Deposits are refundable if something on our end happens that we will not be able to fulfill your order.

¼ share $6.75 per pound of hanging weight | Deposit $400 non refundable
½ share $6.50 per pound of hanging weight | Deposit $600 non refundable
Whole $6.25 per pound hanging weight | Deposit $1000 non refundable

We will notify you of a date the beef is expected to be processed. On that date we will receive a hanging weight from the processor and notify you of your balance to us. Hanging weight does not include offal, tallow or organs as it is not included with the beef.

Hanging weights can vary so we go by hanging weight so you will pay for what you got.

You will complete a cut sheet to the processor for how you want your cuts done. When the beef is ready for pickup and your processing bill is paid for, we can pickup for you and you can either pickup at our farm or at one of our drop points.

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